Helen Robertson

Senior Grant Writer and Researcher

Helen Robertson has over ten years experience with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. Helen has worked for education, environmental, legal, and policy advocacy organizations in research, administrative, program and project management, events management, and grants management capacities. With eight years of experience researching, writing, and evaluating grants, Helen brings a holistic perspective to her work helping organizations develop, fund, and exceed their goals.

Brenda Ostrom

Grant Writing/Strategic Planning/Project Management

Ostrom Solutions

Ms. Ostrom received a master’s degree in aeronautical technology and a bachelor of science degree in geography from Arizona State University. Her diverse job experience spanning public, private, and non-profit organizations across several industries has contributed to her uniquely expansive skill set. Ms. Ostrom has fundraised over $13M through grant writing over the last decade. Representative clients include: Balanced Rock Foundation, National Park Service, Yosemite National Park, and Mariposa County. Her specialties include: systematic analysis & decision facilitation, site assessment & project development, environmental assessment, sustainability, project phasing & implementation strategies, performance metrics & evaluation, stakeholder outreach & engagement, agency collaboration, partnership development, integrating local landscape & community considerations. She is a lifelong learner who enjoys adaptive collaboration and implementing solutions. Ms. Ostrom splits her time between rural Mariposa, CA outside Yosemite National Park and Phoenix, AZ. 

Kristen Sikora

Grant Writer and Researcher

Kristen Sikora has over 20 years of experience in education as a teacher, school administrator, and grant manager. She is a lifelong learner who brings her passion for equity and social justice to her work as a writer and researcher. Kristen lives in upstate New York and enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.