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Stephanie Sample, President

I joined my first board of directors at 21 years old where I was assigned to the fundraising committee. Seventeen years later, I bring nearly two decades of nonprofit experience to Sample Consulting Studio. Prior to founding Sample Consulting Studio in 2017, I served health and human services, environmental advocacy, arts & culture and education non-profits in New Mexico. Nearly a decade in international education and multicultural studies informs my work. I draw on traditional best practices, innovative perspectives and creative energy to personalize fundraising and development services.

I believe that

individual donors and funding organizations are asking for and deserve more financial information and accountability from non-profits.

transparency and clear, consistent, and honest communications for organizations internally and externally fosters growth.

sustainable development is founded on realistic, attainable goals, a willingness to cooperate, and an honest assessment of strengths and growth areas.

awareness of organizational culture and values is critical to growth, for individual leaders, funders and non-profit organizations.

organizations and individuals grow at the speed of trust.